How to Use ChatGPT With Siri: ChatGPT and Siri Integration

Are you ready to turn Siri into an intelligent chat assistant with just a shortcut and an API key? Believe it or not, it is very easy to use ChatGPT with Siri. By following these simple steps, you can speak your question directly to Siri and receive answers in real time from the ChatGPT API.

Requirements For Setting Up Integration With ChatGPT and Siri

Before you can integrate ChatGPT with Siri, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Your network can access the domain name
  • You have enough balance in your API account:
  • Siri’s language setting matches the language you are using.
  • For versions 1.2 and above, you have turned on the “Settings” – Apple ID – iCloud – iCloud Drive function to use the save to TXT file function.

To ensure that Siri’s voice recognition is accurate, open Settings -> Siri & Search -> Voice Feedback -> Always Show, and check “Always show what you say to Siri.”

Review OpenAI Documentation

Download the ChatGPT for Siri Shortcut

Download the ChatGPT for Siri shortcut for iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, and CarPlay by clicking the link below:

ChatGPT for Siri

The latest version is ChatGPT Siri 1.2.4, which includes bug fixes for potential issues with chats record directories in different language systems.

chatgpt for siri shortcut
ChatGPT for Siri shortcut

Generate OpenAI API Keys

To use the ChatGPT API with the shortcut, you will need an OpenAI API key. Follow these steps to get one for free:

  1. Go to the OpenAI website and register an account or log in.
  2. Click on the avatar in the upper right corner and select “View API keys.”
  3. Click the “Create new secret key” button on the right side of the page to generate an API key.
  4. Copy the API key for backup. Note that the API key only appears once. If you forget it, regenerate a new one.

Note: There is a fee to use the API, which is $0.0020 / 1K tokens. 1k tokens are approximately equal to 750 words, or 500 Chinese characters. New users of OpenAI will have a credit of $5 to be used during their first 3 months. Therefore, it is best not to share the API key with others. If the API key is leaked, you can delete it in the OpenAI background and generate a new one.

Add API Key to the ChatGPT for Siri Shortcut

Open the “Shortcuts” app, find the downloaded “ChatGPT” shortcut, press and hold to select “Edit,” and paste the API key into the text box below.

setup chatgpt for siri
Setup ChatGPT for Siri API Key

How to Use ChatGPT With Siri

Start the “shortcut” with Siri by saying, “Hey, Siri, ChatGPT,” and then start chatting with Siri. If you prefer a different name for the shortcut, rename it and use the new name when addressing Siri.

Alternatively, you can directly click the shortcut to use it, and it will appear as a dialogue box.

Advanced Usage

  • The default setting is continuous dialogue, which allows you to record context and discuss issues continuously.
  • If you want to start a new chat, say “New chat” when it’s your turn. Siri will create a new round of discussion, which means that the previous context will be lost, and you won’t be able to continue chatting with the information earlier.
  • If you want to quit ChatGPT to use the system’s Siri, you can say “Quit chat” on your turn. Alternatively, you can close Siri directly and open it again. However, it’s more natural to provide the command to exit.

Customizing the Default System Message of the ChatGPT for Siri Shortcut

To modify the system message, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Shortcuts” app and find the ChatGPT shortcut.
  2. Slide down and find the position as shown in the figure.
  3. Edit the message to your desired text.

For example, you can replace the default system message with the following:

“I will let you act as a translator. Your goal is to translate any language into English. Please do not use an interpreter accent when translating, but translate naturally, smoothly and authentically, using beautiful and elegant expressions.”

Of course, you can also write your own system message, such as asking ChatGPT to be a joker, a writer, a chef, etc. The possibilities are endless, and you can find inspiration online or create your own.

Turn Siri into an AI Chat Assistant
Customizing the System Message for ChatGPT Siri
customize chatgpt shortcut
Customize the prompt for the ChatGPT shortcut

Benefits of Customization

Customizing the system message can make using ChatGPT Siri more fun and efficient. For example, if you frequently need to translate text from other languages to English, you can customize the system message to prompt ChatGPT to act as a translator. Then you can say, “Hey, Siri, My Translator,” and start a dedicated ChatGPT for translation.

Alternatively, you can also directly say what you want ChatGPT to be when it’s your turn to speak. However, using a customized system message is more convenient and efficient. You can also duplicate the ChatGPT shortcut and give it a different name for each use case.

Customizing the system message can also make ChatGPT more robust and suitable for your needs. Many excellent prompt tutorials are available online to help you create custom prompts.

In summary, customizing the system message for ChatGPT Siri is a fun and easy way to personalize your AI assistant and make it more efficient and powerful.